Verifying an International Barbers Education

We require four primary pieces of information needed to verify education history and qualifications:

  • The school exists.
  • The school is accredited by an approved accrediting body.
  • The candidate attended the school during the time period claimed.
  • A diploma was actually granted to the candidate as claimed.

In the event the diploma is in a foreign language then it must be translated by an accredited translation service. Educational verification can be one of the more difficult and time-intensive aspects of checks, however, with many schools restricting anyone but the graduate from accessing records and long turnaround times for obtaining missing diplomas or transcripts can be expected. If documents are complete allow 2 – 4 weeks for verification and decision by our examiner.

Upon verification a recommendation for a certificate equal to the diploma presented, and challenge the Provincial Exam with a grade of no less than 70%.