Labour Mobility Pathway

NSRBA Registration Policy: Labour Mobility Pathway

The Nova Scotia Registered Barbers Association (NSRBA) provides the following process for
receiving applications for certification as a Registered Barber under labour mobility provisions of
the Canada Free Trade Agreement/ Canadian Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act.
The process for submitting applications as a Registered Apprentice and/or Registered Barber as
a graduate of a barbering training program at a private career college or as an apprentice are
addressed under separate policies:

• NSRBA Registration Policy: Apprenticeship Pathway (Registered Apprentice and Barber

• NSRBA Registration Policy: Career College Pathway

I. Definitions:

Applicant means an individual who has submitted a completed application to the NSRBA for
consideration to become a practicing member of the barbering association.

Board of Examiners refers to the NSRBA Board responsible for overseeing examinations of
applicants to the NSRBA and making a recommendation for certification to the Registrar.

Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) aims to reduce and eliminate barriers to the free
movement of person, goods, services, and investments within Canada. The agreement allows
professionals and tradespersons in regulated occupations to move between jurisdictions in
Canada, ensuring that any worker who is certified for an occupation in one province or territory
is recognized as qualified and certified for that occupation as soon as they apply in any other
province or territory, without having to take any further training or examinations. To ensure Nova
Scotia meets its obligations under CFTA, the provincial government passed the Canadian Free
Trade Agreement Implementation Act.

Career college means a college approved under the Nova Scotia Private Career College Act, SNS
1998, c 23.

Labour mobility means that Canadians have the right to pursue a career in their chosen
profession anywhere in the country.

Labour mobility applicants are out-of-province applicants with certification as a hairstylist/barber
from another province/territory in which hairstylist/barber are regulated occupations.

Registrar refers to the Registrar of the NSRBA, who keeps a register of the members of the
Association and issues certificates of members, certificates of exemption, and certifications of
registration (as a barber or as an apprentices).

II. Application for Designation – Registered Barber

The NSRBA accepts applications for NSRBA Registered Barber certification. Applications must be
complete in all respects before they are reviewed for approval.

Please note, applications and all supporting documents must be in English. Applications will not
be reviewed until all information/documents are received, including translated documents.

NSRBA Registered Barbers Application Package for Labour Mobility

Details about the application package are included below.

a) Completed Certification as a Registered Barber application form
b) Fees: Application Fee ($25.00), Registration Fee ($42)
c) Proof of being 17 years of age or older (signed government-issued photo identification –e.g., driver’s licence, passport)
d) Proof of:

o registration/licensure in good standing from a regulatory college/association
(copy/photo of licence AND letter from regulatory body); OR
o Provincial apprenticeship agency proof of Red Seal Hairstylist Certification
(copy/photo of certificate of qualification with Red Seal AND letter from agency)

The NSRBA Registrar will assess all application packages received and determine if the package
is complete. The Registrar will notify an applicant within 4 weeks of receiving an application
package of any missing information/documents.

III. Communicating Decisions

Registered Barber Certification

Decisions regarding certification as a Registered Barber will be provided within 4 weeks of the
date a complete application is submitted to the Registrar. If the application is complete and the
Registrar is satisfied that the applicants has demonstrated existing registration in good standing
in another jurisdiction in Canada or existing qualification from a provincial apprenticeship agency,
the Registrar will issue a certificate of registration as a Registered Barber.

In cases where a labour mobility applicant is not approved for certification as a Registered Barber,
they will be informed by the Registrar via telephone and writing (email) within 4 weeks. The
notification of this decision shall contain the following information:

• Reasons for the decision, which may include the following:

o Failure to provide evidence of registration in an extra-jurisdictional
regulatory body and/or completion of an apprenticeship program leading to
a certificate of qualification and Red Seal Hairstylist Certification.

o Providing fraudulent documentation or false information

• Where practical, information respecting measures or programs that may be available
to assist unsuccessful applicants in obtaining registration at a later date.

IV. Review of Registration Decisions

a) An applicant may seek a review of a registration decision.
b) Applicants seeking a review of a registration decision must advise the Registrar of the
request for a review, in writing (by email or regular mail), within 30 days of the date the
written decision was issued by NSRBA.
c) The written request for a review of a registration decision must include information
explaining the basis for which the registration decision review is being requested.
d) The Registrar will acknowledge the receipt of the request for a review by email within 7
days of receiving the request.
e) A decision, in writing (email), regarding the outcome of the registration review will be
provided to the individual by the NSRBA within 90 days of the date the written request
for review was received by NSRBA