March 15th Meeting was held at Brewery Market, Halifax

  • First, I want to thank Eoin Wright for securing the meeting place for us free of charge
  • We want to let you know that we have had a few changes on the board in the last few months. Alton Robinson has had to step down due to some health issues and I have taken his place. I want to thank Alton for his many dedicated years of service to the NSRBA. He is still going to help out when he can in the background.
  • Myles Augustine is Vice President, Milva Marcattili is Registrar, Randy Wells is Secretary, Paola Marcattili is Treasurer, and David Lyle and Dave Cormier are both Directors.
  • We are in the process of reorganizing the association, the phone and all emails are being answered in a timely manner and we have been trying to recruit new members.
  • There was a mistake on the membership fees this year, we charged everyone $50.when it was supposed to be $42. We can either offer you all an $8.refund or keep the money until next year and put it towards next years membership fees.
  • Some of the things we are going to cover today are what we have been working on in the past few months and what we are trying to accomplish.
  • We have been talking with the Department of Sanitation about the proper channels to go through when there are any sanitation complaints. We will be making a list of proper disinfectants, cleaners and equipment to be used in our shops.
  • The Department of Labour and Advanced Education would like to know if anyone would like to be an examiner for people seeking a Certificate of Registration as a qualified and certified barber. The Board meets at least twice a year to examine candidates. All applicants must have practiced the trade of barbering for at least ten years. For more information, click here 
  • We have been in meetings with the Fair Registration Practices Association so that we can bring our association up to a proper standard. Our first project with them was to write an Occupational Standard to describe our profession and to correlate with the exam. We have it posted here in our Policies tab if you are interested to take a look. If anyone has any input to identify any gaps or errors, we welcome you to send us an email with your thoughts. 
  • We have been over to Eastern College as well getting to know the students and hearing their concerns.
  • We also went over to the school last week to do a straight razor shave demo for the students which went very well. Cosmo Prof donated some American Crew products for us to bring with us for the students to use on their clients.
  • We had Dale Crawford from Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Association tell us a little bit about becoming a trade.
  • We had Patricia Mertins from Fair Registration Practices Association talk about how she’s assisting us to organize our association and also the Occupational Standard. She also talked about what her job is and how she is tasked to help all Governing bodies and associations conform to what they should be.
  • We had Kevin Foster, Brayden Clark and Sophia Fowley from Workers compensation talk to us about affordable workplace insurance
  • We have been having some problems with our records so we are asking people to please send us your information so we can fix our records. We need:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Name of shop
  • address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • We will let everyone know about the next meeting on our website and email. And can you please submit your emails to us just to make sure we have them in our records.
  • We have been very busy trying to get a lot of work done in a short time, we are trying to get organized so that we can finally get our legislation brought up to date. If any of you would like to help out, it would be very appreciated. Please email me at
  • We also brought our financial records with us from the last 5 years for everyone to review if they were interested.


Thank you,