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For anyone who is renewing their certificate after February 28th, there will be a late fee of $25.00

There has been a vote at the last AGM to add on an extra $50. to all renewals to go towards a legal contingency fund and will be payable at time of renewal.

These are the proper forms for registering with the NSRBA.  Please click on the link for which License you are applying for:

Instant online Barber & Master Barber renewals PayPal click here

Instant online New Barber Shop Application PayPal click here

Instant online Renewal Barber Shop Application PayPal click here

Application Forms

Apprentice Membership
* Proof of eligibility required. Must be currently attending school or be active in an employer-sponsored apprenticeship.

Download and fill out the  Apprentice Application to apply for this membership.

Application for Apprentice Barber License

For apprentices who are ready to challenge the exam, Here is the application:

Registered Barbers Exam Application

For anyone who is renewing their certificate after February 29th, there will be a late fee of $25.00

NSRBA RENEWAL APPLICATION for Barber – Master  Barber Renewal Mail-in

Registered Barber and Master Barber Renewal Application


Registered Barber Application

Master Barber

Master Barber Application

Application for Barber Shop Certificate of Registration

New Shop Application

Renewal Shop Application2022

Canadian Free Trade Agreement Application

Canadian free trade agreement barber applicatin



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POLICY ON REGISTRATION DECISIONS_Registered Apprentice_Barber_  


Process Map_NSRBA Apprenticeship Pathway_20211006

Process Map_NSRBA Graduates of PCCs_20211006

Process Map_NSRBA Labour Mobility Pathway_20211006



 Are you moving to Nova Scotia from another Province or Country and already have your Barber Certificate – License we welcome your applications!
The NSRBA will evaluate your education, and make sure that your degree, diploma, certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid and equal to a Certificate(s) issued by the NSRBA.

Please forward your documents and desired Certification to the NSRBA.


Click here for: Accommodation of Applicants with Physical and Mental Disabilities 

Click here for: Access to Records Requests


Application Process



**Lost or missing replacement NSRBA certificates are available upon request and must include 1 form of identification.(fee $25.00)

Sanitation Issues or Complaints?

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Fact Sheet for NSRBA on Sanitation Investigations.2021.12.06