Meeting For Non-Registered Barbers

As many of you already know, the NSRBA has been hard at changing our outdated Registered Barbers’ Act. Before it can be presented to the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly, the NSRBA has to try and inform as many of the barbers in this province that are practicing without a license as possible as to how this is going to affect them going forward.

We will be holding two meetings at different areas of the province. It is our hope that we can get as many of you as possible to attend so that we can go over the new act and answer any questions that you may have. There are also grandfather clauses is the legislature that need to be explained. The NSRBA isn’t trying to put barbers out of work. We are simply trying to bring some much needed structure to the industry so that it can prosper.

This is going to be a meeting for Non-Registered Barbers only. If you are already a member in good standing with the NSRBA you need not attend. If you are a hairstylist looking to become a member of the NSRBA you need
not attend. If you are somebody that is looking to become a barber you need not attend.

The first meeting will be held on March 6th 2016 at 1pm. It will be located at the Coastal Inn at 379 Windmill Rd in Dartmouth.

Very shortly many of you will be receiving letters from members of the NSRBA. These letters are basically just another way for us to make you aware of this meeting. There is a copy of it below. We hope to see you all there.

Dear fellow barbers’

As you may be aware the Nova Scotia Registered Barbers’ Association (NSRBA) is applying for amendments to the Registered Barbers’ Act through the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly, in-order to bring it up to the modern times; as such there are many changes that will become law in the amendments.
One of the main changes is that all practicing barbers will be required to hold valid licenses as will the barber shops that operate in the province.

We are not looking to put anyone out of business, and there are changes that will grandfather persons into the Association that have been practicing prior to the amendments. It is very important to ensure that those practicing the occupation of a barber are properly qualified and regulated by the Association in-order to protect the public.

You are being invited to attend a meeting at (insert date/time/location). During this meeting you will be able to ask questions and view the proposed amendments so you will be fully informed.
If you know other barbers who are not currently licensed please pass along the invitation to attend to them as well. The more people that are informed and have an opportunity to see what we are planning the better the Association and its membership will be.

The Barber occupation is steeped in history and everyone wants to call themselves barbers, but they are not barbers’. Only those that are members of NSRBA are truly barbers and legally permitted to use the title Barber.

Anticipating your cooperation, we look forward to seeing you at our informational meeting being held in your area. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the undersigned.
Sincerely yours,

John Skanes, VP of the NSRBA