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On March 21st. During phase 3, gathering limits, social distancing and mask restrictions are lifted.


According to the government, if anything changes, they may pause a phase to help control the virus.

 We are allowed to start doing beard trims and shaving again!


All Certificates expire on December 31 2021 and must be renewed by December 15, 2021



For anyone who is renewing their certificate after February 28th, there will be a late fee of $25.00

For PayPal renewal of your Barbers Certificate click here

 Barber Shop Certificate Registration   click here



Eastern College is looking for a barber instructor for the next ten weeks. Applicant must have held a registered barber license in Nova Scotia for a minimum of five years. 
If you are interested in more information please reach out to Amy @ Eastern College  587-338-2390 and email: amy.boutilier@easterncollege.ca 





The Nova Scotia Government is now accepting applications for positions on the Barbers Act Board of Examiners. The duty of the board is to conduct examinations for persons seeking a Certificate of Registration as a qualified and certified barber, able to practice barbering in Nova Scotia. The Board meets at least twice a year to examine candidates. All applicants must have practised the trade of barbering for at least ten years. For more information, please visit the Nova Scotia Government’s, Executive Council Office ABC website, https://novascotia.ca/exec_council/abc/ for more information on the Board and to apply. In order to apply, individuals must create an online profile and apply to the Barber’s Act Board of Examiners.

ABC Application Process:
The basic application is process is as follows:
1. Go to the website (https://novascotia.ca/exec_council/abc/) and click
2. Create an online profile – there are options for uploading résumés and individuals should provide an answer to all questions posed to them in the
profile. Once the profile is created, individuals can apply to any ABC they wish.
3. Apply for the ‘Barbers Act Board of Examiners’ through their application link (https://novascotia.ca/apps/abc/ABCs-Online/Login.aspx)
The website also has the contact information for the Executive Council Office (ECO) should individuals run into trouble:
Email: executive.council@novascotia.ca
Phone: 902-424-4877 or toll-free 1-866-206-6844
This is the basic application process and the contact information for help if anyone is struggling with applying.
This link provides information on the process for how appointments are made and does provide a rough sketch of the timelines.
Statutory Requirements: The members appointed by the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education must have practised the trade of barbering
for at least ten years prior to this appointment.
Other Requirements:
Required Nominations/
Recommendations: N/A
Ineligible Persons: A practicing barber with less then ten years of experience.



As the membership is aware we are in dire need up updating our legislation. Our Association needs the Barbers of Nova Scotia to unite and work forward to the development of the industry.


If you have any questions about registration or the status of an application please contact registrar@nsbarbers.ca



The Nova Scotia Registered Barbers Association was established in 1942. It is the governing body that regulates the practices of the Professional Barbers, Barber Apprentices, Barber Students, Barber Shops and Barber Schools.

Our Primary focus is to protect the public health, safety and welfare.

The Association qualifies and licenses Individuals and businesses. It Establishes and enforces Administrative Rules and Laws, and provides information so the Public may make informed decisions.

The Association also serves to foster growth and support in the barbering industry in Nova Scotia.  News, events and information.


The Nova Scotia Registered Barbers’ Association Act was implemented in 1942. We are working on updating the act. If you would like to review the act you can click  here for more information.



If you are interested in applying for a registered barber license or apprentice barber license click here for more information.