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The Nova Scotia Registered Barbers Association oversees barbers, trains barbers and offers certification for barbers in Nova Scotia, Canada. We also qualify and license individuals and businesses; with a focus on public health, safety and welfare. 

The purpose of the Nova Scotia Barbers Association is to foster growth and development in the barbering industry. The NSRBA website serves as a resource for existing barbers in Nova Scotia as well as individuals who are interested in barber training, barber certification and barber mentoring.

The NSRBA mandate is to move one of the oldest industries into the 21st century while maintaining our barbering and Nova Scotia roots.


The Nova Scotia Registered Barbers’ Association Act was implemented in 1942. We are working on updating the act. If you would like to review the act you can click here for more information.



If you are interested in applying for a registered barber license or apprentice barber license click here for more information.


Alton Robinson – President
Myles Augustine – Vice President
Stu Cochrane – Secretary
Milva Marcattili – Registrar – Treasurer
Megan MacDonald – Director
Dave Cormier – Director

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