The next examination will be held Monday June 10, 2019. At Fademasters 56 Supreme Court Boss Plaza Commercial unit 4 Halifax, NS B3N 0E6.  Times vary please email for more details


These are the proper forms for registering with the NSRBA.  Please click on the link for which License you are applying for:

Application Forms

NSRBA Registered Barbers License Application
For those applying for a Registered Barbers License

NSRBA Apprentice Barbers License Application
For those that are wishing to apprentice under a Registered or Master Barber and for those that are enrolled as students in Barber College

NSRBA Master Barber Application
For those wishing to apply as a Master Barber

NSRBA License Renewal Form
For those wishing to renew their License

 Are you moving to Nova Scotia from another Province or Country and already have your Barber Certificate – License we welcome your applications!
The NSRBA will evaluate your education, and make sure that your degree, diploma, certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid and equal to a Certificate(s) issued by the NSRBA.

Please forward your documents and desired Certification to the NSRBA.     registrar(@)

Application Process


**Lost or missing replacement NSRBA certificates are available upon request and must include 1 form of identification.(fee $25.00)

Barber fees cutoff date is February 28, 2020