Applications – Online Registration

These are the proper forms for registering with the NSRBA.  Please click on the link for which License you are applying for:

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Application Forms

Student/Apprentice Membership
* Proof of eligibility required. Must be currently attending school or be active in an employer-sponsored apprenticeship.

Download and fill out the  Apprentice Application to apply for this membership.

 ApprenticeBarber Application

Barber – Master  Barber Renewal



 Registered Barber Application 2020

Master Barber

 Master Barber Application


This Membership can include but is not limited to:

Membership Fee: $500.00  COMING SOON

 Are you moving to Nova Scotia from another Province or Country and already have your Barber Certificate – License we welcome your applications!
The NSRBA will evaluate your education, and make sure that your degree, diploma, certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid and equal to a Certificate(s) issued by the NSRBA.

Please forward your documents and desired Certification to the NSRBA.     registrar(@)

Application Process


**Lost or missing replacement NSRBA certificates are available upon request and must include 1 form of identification.(fee $25.00)

Barber fees cutoff date is February 28, 2020